Hope is actually my sister! I have been dreaming of designing her wedding flowers for years. I always knew I wanted to forage for her flowers and it finally happened. Hope and Nate are Rock Climbers who travel the country year round. Their wedding was unique, intimate and exactly what I pictured it was going to be. They said their vows on top of Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire after camping out at a local campsite the night before. Her florals were designed with product from Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont. Everything was foraged from the great outdoors; from pulling Ferns off the side of the highway to snagging some luscious greens from a riverbed. I designed her flowers while waiting out a rain storm under a not so watertight gazebo. Constance Schiano was the eye behind all these spectacular photos. The wedding fun didn’t stop after their tear jerking ceremony, but they both climbed in their wedding attire following.